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Krystal Acker

Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Brand Strategist, Illustrator

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Hi there!

I’m Krystal and I work side by side with creative women designing, coding, illustrating, organizing and planning in order to help them achieve their dream of having a successful small business. While I have experience working with a variety of different types of entrepreneurs and businesses, I specialize in working with fellow female entrepreneurs and woman-owned businesses. A great deal of my clients are work-at-home-moms who started their business with their baby on their lap the same way that I did.

It is my privilege to work as a strategic partner with these women as they build, launch, grow and maintain their business’ brands and I’d love to have the opportunity to help you with your vision as well.

My Skills

As a lifelong learner and self taught designer, I’ve spent YEARS of my life learning through self-study courses (online and offline), design textbooks, and various workshops. My business has evolved over the years as I’ve mastered new skills.

When I started off on my journey to be my own boss back in 2007, I started as a photographer. Working to brand my own business, create marketing materials that converted and build my own website showed me that I had a natural talent for graphic design and opened my eyes to the fact that I was in the wrong field. I was not a photographer but a designer instead. I fell in love with the design side of my photography business and started my years long journey towards being a professional designer not long after I picked up my camera professionally.

Fast forward to 2014 and, after nearly seven years of schooling myself on all things graphic and web design, I finally felt that I had learned enough to hang out my designer shingle. I’ve spent the years since then working in the field and further honing my skills.

In My Toolbox

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Lots of caffeine!

My Languages

Fluent In:
English (most days anyway)
Still Learning:

My Personal Life

I call myself Wifey to Gary and Mom to Zack. When I was young, I wanted a lot of kids but then my son was born and I thought I’d never survive another like him. He is the definition of extra. Love him to bits though.

We share our little house, tucked in the woods of the mountain in the middle of the land of lakes, with three kitties. (A Mama cat and her two kids.) We share our yard with squirrels, raccoons and about ten million mosquitoes that come for snacks every day. I could do without the mosquitoes but the squirrels and raccoons are my buddies.

I’m one of those quirky, super-introverted, stereotypical designer folks that’s in legit danger of becoming a hermit. For the personality junkies like myself, I’m an INFP and a 4w5.

I have a huge crush on Japan. I love its food. Its history is fascinating. I love Japanese design and minimalism. If that’s not enough to love, Japan’s people are all so beautiful. Plus have you ever listened to a conversation in Japanese? I also love the language. See? Such a HUGE crush on Japan! If I could take a vacation anywhere I’d go there (and I might never go home again). Super-introverted, living on the edge of being a hermit, folks don’t take many vacations by nature though so I’ll probably just daydream about going instead.

I’m an unashamed geek. I used to be a tech geek but as I get older I find myself falling farther and farther behind the bleeding edge of things. Sometimes my six year old knows things I don’t now. I guess that makes me just a regular, run of the mill geek now.

I love, love, LOVE anime. Did I mention that I love anime? You heard me tell you how much I loved Japan earlier right?

I’m an avid Minecrafter and play with my son and husband on our own custom LAN server. We keep trying to modify things to make the game more difficult, but I think we’ve run out of things to try. I may have to learn to make my own plugins/mods at some point. If you’ve got a recommendation for one to try, send me a message!

I’m also a yarn addict and love to knit before bed to reset my way too busy brain. It’s kind of like meditating for me. The repetitive movement of the yarn gliding over the needles empties the stress of the day from my body. You can almost see it getting all tangled up and lost in the squishiness of what I’m knitting.

What Folks Are Saying About Me

Krystal is an incredibly talented designer who is extremely professional, patient, and dedicated to her work. Krystal designed my business’s website a few years ago, and also updated it recently, adding an online shop. I’m delighted with the results. Working with Krystal is a pleasure and I highly recommend her to others.

Heidi Sayle
Apricity Designs

Hen of the Woods Testimonial Image

Krystal has gone above and beyond helping me with my website, product label and logo design! I can’t say enough about how much time and money she has saved me over the past few years working with her. She is always there to answer your questions and listen to your needs or wants. I would highly recommend Krystal for any of your graphic or web design!

Emily Rogers
Hen of the Woods Artisan Acres

Excellent service! Krystal’s work is beautiful and she is a creative, reliable team player who wants to provide you with exactly what you need to help take your business to the next level.

Lorraine Colpitts
Little Lovelies

Starting a new business is a scary and overwhelming undertaking. I knew I wanted beautiful branding, but didn’t know where to start. Krystal held my hand through every step of the process.

Krystal was so fast at responding to my inquires and was wonderful at talking me through decisions. She was honest with me and let me know if I was going off track with where she knew I wanted to be. It was a fabulous process about which I cannot say enough good things. I can’t wait until I have an opportunity to use her services again.

Amanda Butler
The Butler Did It

But Wait, There’s More!

Still curious and want to know more? You’re in luck because I made a blog post just for folks like you. You can delve deeper into my life and personality HERE. Have fun!

xoxo Krystal