Apricity Designs – Website Launch

Heidi and I had worked together a few years ago to create a website for her but it was time for an update. This time around we brought everything up to 2019 standards, tweaked the design just a tiny bit, and added an online shop.

Her shop isn’t stocked yet so it’s not active yet either BUT it has some pretty awesome features on the back end. When someone makes a purchase, the site virtually “packs” the order into boxes and then, based on the weight and size of those boxes, it automatically calculates accurate shipping rates by pulling rates directly from the post office’s website. You could even print the shipping labels from home if you wanted to and then just stick them on the boxes and drop them in the mail. So flipping awesome!

If you’ve been dreaming of an online shop for your business, send me a message and we can discuss how we can work together to get you there. You can check out Heidi’s new website and her adorable seaglass artwork at www.apricitydesigns.ca

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