NEW Ready-Made Website Available

As we all adjust to working and being at home all of the time, I know that a lot of small businesses are taking a huge hit. In my own business, I’ve seen my suppliers shut down one by one and I’m no longer able to sell my t-shirts or any other tangible products until they open back up again. I see businesses having to close their doors, hopefully only temporarily. Others have lost access to the markets and fairs where they sold their products because of social distancing rules. This has created a need to quickly shift to selling online for a lot of businesses so that they can continue to operate and support their families.

In order to provide a budget friendly path to having your own website amidst the craziness today, I’ve specifically created this website template and have drastically reduced my prices for it to make it more accessible for everyone who needs to make that jump to selling online fast.

For now, and for at least the next few months while we’re all dealing with this crisis, I am offering this website customized with all of your content for just $350 CAD with a storefront to sell your products. (If you need a website but not a store, it is available without the storefront for $225.) That’s half of the regular cost!

If you’re the DIY type and want to use all of this time at home to build your own website, I’m also here to help if you get stuck. If you decide to make your own, I highly recommend WordPress!

You can check out the live demo of the website or, if you’re ready to get started, you can purchase it here.

Take care and stay safe and healthy guys!


About The Author

I’m Krystal and I’m one of those quirky, super-introverted, stereotypical designer folks that’s in legit danger of becoming a hermit. You know the type.

I’m also an unashamed geek, sarcastic to a fault, I laugh way too hard at Dad jokes, am totally hooked on Fortnite, The Sims 4 and Pokemon Go, and I probably drink too much coffee. Oh, and I love, love, LOVE anime. Did I mention that I love anime? Because, seriously, I really love anime.

Wanna be friends? Send me an email or hit me up on social media! Being super-introverted I’m admittedly not the most active participant on social networks but Instagram is where you will find me most often.