Coming up with the perfect color palette for your brand can be hard! In this post, I’ve gathered together a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your brand colors (the same tips I share with my clients) as well as some eye candy in the form of color inspiration that would be perfect for any feminine brand.

If you find the process too overwhelming, please reach out, I’d be happy to help you choose your colors!

Tip #1 : Don’t feel as though you have to follow the trends!
While it might be tempting to go with the trends today when choosing your brand colors it’s wise to keep in mind that trends, by nature, change pretty quickly. Unless you’re planning to re-brand constantly to keep up with the trends (and I seriously don’t recommend that!) your brand will soon be dated as the trend moves on to something else.

Tip #2 : Choose a color that you like AND that your target customer will also like as a starting point.

I always recommend that my clients start with their favorite colors when choosing brand colors. Take a look at your clothing and your home, what colors have you chosen to surround you? From those colors, which ones would you expect your customers to like? A color that fits both categories is probably a good place to start building your color palette.

Tip #3 : Pick colors that work well together.
Once you have that starting color nailed down, it’s time to choose complimentary colors. There is actually a method to choosing colors that work well with each other, it’s called color theory. It all comes down to the color wheel and where colors are in relation to each other on it. A basic rule of thumb is that colors on opposite sides of the wheel are complimentary, but there are many ways to combine colors that go beyond simply choosing opposite colors. Canva actually has a pretty awesome explanation of the color wheel and how to use it on their website so I’m going to point you there for some great tips.

Tip #4: Don’t go crazy!

There are plenty of places where more is better but your color palette is not one of them! I generally advise choosing between three and five colors. I feel an odd number of colors works best (but that could just be my OCD tendencies showing). When choosing colors with a client I tend to go with a five color palette that consists of one main color (from tip two), two complimentary colors (from tip three), a light color (for backgrounds) and a dark color (for text).

And now for the eye candy….

Did you find a color palette here that spoke to you? If you did, feel free to pin it or save it and use it for your branding (whether you’re working with me or another designer). All of these are already pinned to a board on my Pinterest account HERE if that makes it easier for you to save them!


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