Printable Artwork! Now available on Etsy.

I’ve had an Etsy shop for YEARS now, since 2016 to be exact, but I’ve never really done anything with it until recently. Actually, I’ve kind of kept it on the down-low to be honest. In the past I’ve used my Etsy shop, The Printable Paperie, to sell artwork that I didn’t want to sell hard copy prints of on my website. Sad to say, this artwork was oftentimes created using ready-made purchased graphics and thrown together quickly – which is why I wouldn’t sell it on my website! I saved my original artwork for my website’s shop.

With the age of Covid upon us and the ridiculously LONG transit times to ship something, I’ve stopped selling hard copy products (for now). So, because I can’t ship physical prints in a reasonable amount of time right now, I’ve cleaned out all of the old prints I had on Etsy, made over my shop and am now offering my original artwork there in printable form. There isn’t a lot there yet at the time of writing this blog post but I plan to keep adding more as time goes on.

Someday I hope to be able to resume selling and shipping prints of my art, once I can actually ship something in a reasonable amount of time (and also be sure I can access the post office!). When I do, I’m unsure if I will continue to offer printable versions of them but for now they are available and you can snag them here. Happy printing!


About The Author

I’m Krystal and I’m one of those quirky, super-introverted, stereotypical designer folks that’s in legit danger of becoming a hermit. You know the type.

I’m also an unashamed geek, sarcastic to a fault, I laugh way too hard at Dad jokes, am totally hooked on Fortnite, The Sims 4 and Pokemon Go, and I probably drink too much coffee. Oh, and I love, love, LOVE anime. Did I mention that I love anime? Because, seriously, I really love anime.

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