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Does your business have a website yet? If not, what’s holding you back from having one? Time? Money? Lack of knowledge? What if you could have a website for your business quickly and inexpensively WITHOUT having to learn a bunch of new skills?

My ready-made WordPress websites will give you just that – an inexpensive website that doesn’t skimp on quality for the sake of price and requires ZERO coding knowledge on your part to set it up or maintain.

I’ve pre-built each of these ready-made websites to the exact same standards as the custom designed sites I create for my clients. The only difference is that, instead of starting from nothing and building the site around your specific content, I’ve built a beautiful site that’s all ready to have your content added to it.

Since the site framework is already built and waiting for your content, I can offer my best design work at a MUCH lower cost than custom and with a relatively quick turnaround from purchase to launch to boot.

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What are the benefits of purchasing a ready-made WordPress website?

You will save money!
A ready made website is roughly half the cost of a custom designed website.

You will save time (and time is money too, right?).
The turnaround time for custom website design is generally 6 to 8 weeks and sometimes can be longer for larger or more complicated websites. With my ready-made sites, I can generally have a working website online for you to click through in a week or two once you’ve provided me with your content.

You own it.
As with all of my websites, ready-made or custom, your new website is a stand-alone WordPress website. You own it. For example, if you have your own store, you don’t have to worry about someone changing rules or algorithms and negatively affecting your sales like you might with certain selling websites. You aren’t tied to any one web developer or company so you are free to hire someone else down the line to work on your site if you choose to. You are in control of your content.

You will get premium design for less.
All of my ready-made websites are designed in the exact same way and with the exact same care and attention to detail as I use when creating custom websites for clients.

Websites for Makers + Small Online Shops

These e-commerce sites were created for the small business owner who wants to start selling online or who wants to make the move from Etsy to their own, branded store.

If you ship your products and you’d like to have your website automatically get shipping rates from Canada Post or USPS, you can purchase the Automatic Shipping Rates add-on below.

Automatic Shipping Rates Add-On

Move beyond flat rate shipping and have shipping costs automatically calculated for your customers. Requires either the USPS or Canada Post WooCommerce extensions (sold separately at

$250 CAD

Websites for Service Based Businesses

Service based sites are perfect for service providers and other small business owners that don’t require an online store. They will also work great for the small business owner who already has an established shop on Etsy (or similar), and will continue to sell there, but wants to be able to provide customers with more information than they can in their existing store.

Websites for Bloggers + Influencers

Blog sites are perfect for the influencers and content creators of the online world. Bloggers, Instagram personalities, YouTubers, scenic photographers, etc. These blog sites provide a beautiful, clean platform to share your message with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the purchase of a ready-made website?

For a detailed breakdown of what is included with each website, it is best to check out the specific theme you are interested in in my shop. All of the sites are a little different and all of the details are in the listings. You can click the pictures of the websites above to go directly to their listing or view them all here.

How long does it take to go from purchase to launching my website?

The time from purchase to launch depends a bit on my workload at the time of purchase but generally once I have all of the content for your website I can have a live preview of your site ready for you to check out and approve in about a week. Once that live preview is approved, I can usually upload the site to your hosting the next business day and you will be ready to put it to work for you.

What do I need to provide?

Before I can get started customizing one of the ready made sites for your business I will need to have all of your content. This means that I will need you to provide me with the text you’d like on each page as well as any images you’d like to replace the example images with. I will also need your logo file if you have one and any existing branding elements or colors that your business uses.

What if I don’t have content for my website yet?

If you don’t have the text for your site prepared already, I will provide you with totally free customized worksheets with prompts to help you write it. Also, if you don’t already have professional photographs for your site, I will provide you with a copy of my resource list where you can find free or inexpensive images to add to your site.

Please keep in mind that I will need all of the content that will be included on your site BEFORE I can start work on customizing it. If you happen to take a while creating and gathering content it will increase the time it takes to go from purchase to launch accordingly.


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