Forgive me if I’m being a bit presumptuous here but I think I might know you.

You wear what seems like 10 million hats each day to run your business and while it can be crazy at times, it’s your own personal heaven. Maybe you’re even a Mom like me with a whole other set of hats you also have to wear simultaneously. You spend your days pouring your very heart and soul into each product you craft and every service you provide, possibly with small humans “Mom, Mooommm, MOOOOM-ing” at you while you work. You sell a little piece of yourself every time you make a sale. You got into your business because your intense love what you do, and it’s your dream to make a living from what you love to do most. Am I getting this right? If you’re nodding along, I raise my coffee cup to you in solidarity, my dear, because I get it. I live it too.

Skip the reading, just take me to the services section!

Now, maybe you’re struggling a bit to take your business to the next level. Maybe you want to give selling wholesale a try but you want to get your branding whipped into shape first so that you can put your best foot forward. Maybe you want to attract a different type of customer to grow your business. Maybe you really want to raise your prices a bit, but you’re scared that people will look at what you’re selling and think “What the heck is that crazy woman thinking?!” if you do right now. (Side note, you probably do need to raise your prices. You’re worth more than you give yourself credit for.)

One of the best ways to boost your confidence in yourself and your product or service is to make them look so stinkin’ good that you can’t help but want to show them off to every single person you meet.

– Krystal Acker

Those products that you’re pouring your very being into creating and the services that you provide with such attention to detail, they deserve to have some awesome branding representing them. Giving them and your business the gift of good design and branding elevates your already awesome products or services to the next level. In addition to giving you a cohesive and professional image, it can increase sales, allow you to sell at a higher price and move you from “hobbyist” to “boutique” status in the eyes of consumers. It can give you the confidence to go all in and take a chance you wouldn’t normally have the courage to take.

Just think about how you feel when you dress in your most flattering clothes and have your hair and makeup just exactly the way you like it. When you look in the mirror and see your most gorgeous self staring back at you, doesn’t that make your day that much better than on the days when you feel a bit frumpy when you look in the mirror? (I’m not the only one that has good and bad days like that, am I?) Your business’s branding works the exact same way. The better it looks, the better you will feel about it. Those good feelings have a tendency to multiply and carry over into everything you do in your business.

So, how do you get that business of yours, the one that you birthed and grew from nothing, the one that you put SOOOO much time and energy and love into perfecting, to look like the beautiful, put-together business you idolize on social media when you barely have time to think and/or are running on a shoestring budget?

First things first, you’ll likely need to hire a designer to help you get there. Not just any ol’ designer though, you need a designer that understands your unique position as a female small business owner/entrepreneur. Someone who understands that you wear 50 different hats each day while you juggle your responsibilities. Someone who expects that phone calls might get interrupted while you tend to your tiny humans. Someone who knows what it’s like to grow a business while spending as little as possible so that you have the ability to contribute financially to your household. You’re going to need someone who can confidently guide you through the process of creating a brand and a website to save you the time and trouble of learning another thing on top of everything that you’re already doing.

As a designer that is a work at home Mom myself and also one who devotes her business to working with other awesome women, I can deliver on all of those requirements. I understand the importance of great design that is actually affordable. I know what it’s like to have your child interrupt you 10 times during the same phone call even though you spent FOREVER setting up activities to keep them busy while you were on that call. I know what it’s like to cycle through those 50 different hats each day. We are women. We are small business owners. Some of us are Moms. We are TIRED. We are freakin’ busy! But we love what we do. We might consider selling a kidney for an extra two hours each day but we’d be damn productive in those two hours!

So, if you’re ready to make that business of yours look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks (Or selling that kidney for extra time to DIY!), here are some of the ways that you and I can work together to help you accomplish that goal.


I design clean, easy to navigate sites from the concise single page website, to full on e-commerce sites, all using the popular WordPress platform. I also have a growing selection of website templates that I can customize with your content.


Using my unique brand discovery process, I create an authentic visual representation of your business that reflects your style and personality. We start from square one and work together throughout the process to build your beautiful brand.

Logo Design

Not ready for a full brand design project? That’s ok, I can help you create a shiny new logo for your business instead. If you’re on a super tight budget, check out my selection of ready made logos starting at just $99 CAD.

Phone or Chat Design Consulting


When you’re stuck and could use a little design or website advice to get going again, I am available for phone and/or chat consultations to put you back on the right track. Consulting is available in 30 minute increments.

Graphic Design

I can work with you to design packaging, signage, ads, promotional merchandise, graphics, flyers, and just about anything else that you dream up!

WordPress Setup

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer with some time and energy but not a lot of cash, this may be the best route to a new website. I can set everything up and then hand over the keys for you to finish it.

Business Tools

Custom designed business forms, editable templates, business planners, welcome packages, opt-in freebies, ebooks, wholesale line sheets, fillable PDFs and more.


From a cartoon version of yourself, to pretty pictures to accompany your blog/social media posts, to holiday cards for your customers, to artwork for the walls of your home or business, I love to draw!

Still have a questions? Here are the answers to the questions I get asked most often.

Need more information or have a question that’s not answered here ? Send me a message and we can chat!

I only take on a limited number of clients at any given time to make sure that I can devote my full attention to each client and project. I provide a service that focuses on quality rather than quantity. This means that I often have a bit of a wait list for my next available opening. The length of wait does vary depending on my workload and the time of year but I can USUALLY get started within a week or two.

All logo design projects include a vector file as well as a high resolution png file with a transparent background so that it can be overlayed on images or marketing materials.

A vector file, although you likely don’t even have software on your computer to open it, is a VERY important file. So important that, even if you don’t end up working with me, PLEASE make sure you work with a designer that will be handing over a vector version of your logo!

A vector file is an infinitely re-sizeable version of your logo. You can make it the size of a postage stamp (or smaller) or the size of a building (or bigger) and the image quality will be exactly the same. If you tried that with a regular ol’ jpeg file it’d be so pixelated at the larger sizes that you wouldn’t even be able to recognize it.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, chances are someday that you’re going to want to put your logo on something that’s bigger than a piece of paper – a sign for example. When you call up that sign company, they’re going to ask you for a vector file of your logo and if you didn’t get one, you’re kind of out of luck. ALWAYS get the vector file. Back it up. Remember where you put it. It’s like keeping the negatives from the photos you took so that you can get reprints of them (If you’re old enough to remember taking pictures with something other than a digital camera!).

Important! While ALL custom logo design projects ALWAYS include the vector file, the $99 ready-made logos you find in my shop do NOT. Where the ready-made logos are customized for multiple businesses, I hold on to the vector files in this one particular instance and you will instead receive high-resolution PNG files. It’s a trade off to keep the price super low for you.

You do, plain and simple. Your finished logo is YOURS because that’s just the way it should be – you’re paying for the work, right? All final designs created on your behalf within the scope of your logo or brand design project become your property once delivered in their final finished form. I only retain limited usage rights that allow me to display what I have created in my portfolio as well as in publications (digital or print). The copyright is always transferred to you.

Pro Tip: This is another thing that you should always ask when you’re hiring a designer – not all of us hand over the copyright when we’re done designing for you.

I’m going to liken it to buying a dress. Let’s pretend that you’re going to a big, fancy party, and you need a big, fancy dress to wear to it. You have several options to get that dress. 

Option 1 (The Custom Design Option): Find a seamstress to custom make a dress that fits every curve perfectly. The seamstress would start from scratch and choose fabric and thread, take measurements, create a pattern, etc. This would be your most expensive option because it is most labor intensive. You’d end up with a beautiful dress that no one else at the party will have.

Option 2 (The Template Option): Go shopping yourself to find a dress that you love and then take it to that same seamstress to have her alter it to fit you. Your dress will still fit you like a glove as if it were custom made but because you started with an off the rack dress you’ve saved a ton of money and time. You may see another person at the party with a dress similar to yours if you compare them close enough but you’ll still both look different.

Option 3 (The DIY Option): Then there’s the third option of finding a pattern and sewing the dress yourself. If you don’t have the skills upfront to sew the dress, this option will take a lot longer as you learn HOW to make the dress in the first place. It can have similar results to option 1 and 2 if, with enough time and effort, you get really good at it. It could be a complete flop too. It’s honestly a bit of a crapshoot lol. This would be your least expensive monetary investment but your most expensive time investment. 

Basically, the end result of having a beautiful, functional website is the same between template and custom design but the process and the money and time spent are a lot different. 

With custom design, I start from a blank screen and build every last piece of the website from there. It’s a great option if you need something different than most websites offer but most people honestly don’t need a custom design.

With a template, I’d start with a pre-designed site that I’ve still built from the bottom up and then customize and add your content (images and text) to it. The template would be used as a framework to build your site on. Templates are used more than once for different businesses but since the content for each site is different each site would be different even though they are laid out the same. Chances are that most people wouldn’t notice the similarity between your site and another with the same template unless they happened to have a keen eye.

It really depends on what you’re looking for and whether you want me to start from scratch or with a template that I’ve pre-designed.

For Websites: If you’re looking for the most inexpensive route, I can get you up and running with your own basic website WITHOUT an online shop starting at $350 CAD* if we go with one of my pre-designed sites and customize it for you. A pre-designed website with an online shop starts at $600 CAD*. Custom website design starts at $1000 CAD* for a standard (no shop) site and $1400 CAD* for an e-commerce site.

For Logos: If you need a logo, you’re looking at a starting cost of $500 CAD* for custom design. If you’re on a REALLY tight budget, you may want to check out some of my a la carte logos. I’m not gonna lie, a ready-made logo is not the same as one that’s been custom designed for your business but it is a helluva lot better than not having a logo at all. A la carte logos, start at $99 CAD*.

For Brand Design: Brand design is a custom design service and it starts at $1000 CAD*. Each package is tailored to your needs but at minimum it includes my personalized brand discovery process, your custom logo design, color palette selection, business card design, brand launch marketing material for social media, and detailed brand guidelines to help you when developing materials that match your brand in the future. Additional items can be added as needed to your brand design package.

You can find my current rates as well as lots of other information in my downloadable Welcome Guide that is found on my Clients page. While you’re there, you’ll also find a sample design contract that you can download and a guest login credentials so that you can check out my digital office where I manage design projects with each client. Since there’s some potentially sensitive information (like login credentials for my digital office) on the clients page, you will need to send me a message for the password to access the content.

Generally the best way to find out what your project would cost is to just send me a message and ask. If you do this, I can draw up a free, totally no obligation, customized estimate that is specific to your needs and your design project. A couple days later you’ll receive a PDF estimate in your inbox with a clear price breakdown so you can see exactly where your dollars would be going if we worked together.

*Please note that these rates are current as of December 2018 and are provided as estimates only. These rates are not guaranteed as they may have changed since the time they were written here. Please consult my welcome guide or email me for the most up to date information on rates.

Hosting costs and purchasing a domain name is separate from the costs for your website design and not something that I offer directly. I personally use *DreamHost and I always recommend them to my clients. Their “DreamPress” plan comes with everything you’ll need to get give your WordPress website a good home, even free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt so your site will rank higher in Google searches and so you can process credit cards on your site. A [email protected] email address is also included. Monthly hosting costs once start at $16.95 USD if you pay yearly (all at once) and $19.95 USD if you opt to pay monthly. A domain name is roughly $15 CAD yearly for a .com.

Click here to check out their DreamPress plans.

*Affiliate link: If you purchase your hosting through this link, you’ll pay the same as you would normally for awesome web hosting but, DreamHost gives me a few $$ off my own hosting fees with them for sending you. If you’d rather not use the affiliate link, just Google them instead.

Your first payment, your retainer (which is equal to 50% of the estimated design cost), is due within five days of signing off on the design estimate and contract. This retainer will hold your spot in the queue and, as such, you are not actually booked until it is paid. Because I will likely turn work away to hold your spot for you, this retainer is non-refundable. Your retainer will be applied to your balance owing.

Depending on your project, your remaining balance will be broken down into either two or three payments that will be due at specific milestones during the design process. You will receive a payment timeline as part of your design proposal.

For design projects:
If you are located in Canada you can pay me through your online banking via Interac email transfer.

If you are not in Canada, or if you are but would rather not pay via e-mail transfer, you may also pay via PayPal. PayPal allows you to pay using funds from your PayPal balance, your linked bank account or your linked credit card without giving me any of your banking details or account/credit card numbers. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still use it to pay securely with your credit or Visa debit card. All payments are processed in Canadian Dollars.

For shop purchases:
All payments for products purchased through my online store are processed using PayPal.