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I design clean, easy to navigate sites from the concise single page website to full on e-commerce sites. Most of the time I create these websites using the popular WordPress platform but, for smaller projects that won’t need updating very often, I will sometimes hand code from scratch. I also have a growing selection of ready-to-go website templates designed that I can customize with your content.

Custom Website Design

The Mini

A one page website to simplify your customer’s experience. You aren’t limited to just static text. Share blog posts and include a contact form all on one page! The Mini is a modern way to showcase your business, and it looks great on phones and tablets!

Investment starts at $1200 CAD.

The Store

Dreaming of your own online store? I can help you make that dream come true. You’ll get “the standard” five page website as described above PLUS a full featured online store powered by WooCommerce.

Investment starts at $2400 CAD.

The Standard

When you have more to say than one page can handle, the Standard site will save the day. You’ll get a five page website, a home page plus four interior pages, to share your business with the world.

Investment starts at $1800 CAD.

The One-Off

For when your website needs don’t fit into a perfect little box we have “The One Off”. Totally unique and totally customized, especially for you.
Contact me with the details of your idea for a customized quote.

Investment varies.

WordPress Template Customization

My ready-to-go WordPress templates are great option for those with smaller budgets who still want to have a great website. Each website that I offer has been carefully designed just as if it would be if I were creating for for one of my custom design clients. Offering these websites as templates allows me to provide high quality work at a much lower cost. You can choose from the constantly growing selection of website templates I have available and then I will add your content and deliver a polished website that is personalized for your business and brand.

Investment starts at $400 CAD.

Graphic Design

I can create both digital and print assets that make your business more attractive to clients such as packaging, signage, ads, promotional merchandise, graphics, flyers, and just about anything else that you dream up! To keep your business running smoothly on the back end, I can also design custom business forms, editable templates, PDF welcome packages, opt-in freebies, wholesale line sheets, fill-able PDFs and more.

Below you will find a list of services that I am often asked to provide. This list is not exhaustive by any means so if you need something that’s not listed, just ask. Pricing for each of these services is dependent on a lot of different factors, please inquire for information on costs.

For Print

  • business cards
  • letterhead + envelopes
  • sticker/stamp design
  • business forms
  • thank you cards
  • gift certificates
  • signage + banner design

For Websites

  • website header image
  • social media buttons
  • blog post signature

For Product Based Businesses

  • wholesale line sheets
  • packaging labels, hang tags and cards
  • PDF product catalog

For Digital

  • HTML email signature design
  • HTML email template design
  • downloadable opt-in freebies
  • PDF e-books
  • fill-able PDF forms

For Social

  • branded Instagram images
  • branded pins for Pinterest
  • banners + profile pictures for social media
  • highlight icons for Instagram

For Service Based Businesses

  • welcome guides and packages


Using my unique brand discovery process that has been perfected over the years to guide us I will start from wherever you are at right now, whether you’re at square one or already have an established business and brand, and work together with you to either build your new brand or give your current brand a makeover.

A full brand project is perfect for new businesses who are just getting ready to spread their wings as well as established businesses who may have jumped from the nest without branding their business first. A re-brand is great for an established business that is making big changes or has outgrown its current branding over time.

If you’re not quite ready for a full brand design project, that’s ok too! I can help you create a logo for your business and you can build your brand little by little as you go.

Full Brand or Re-brand

Includes: your logo (and variations), a two-sided business card design, sticker or stamp design and a brand style guide.

Investment starts at $1200 CAD.

Just a Logo

Includes: Your logo and logo variations (if applicable).

Investment starts at $500 CAD.


Whether it’s a cartoon version of yourself, a mascot for your group or business, images to accompany your blog/social media posts, custom holiday or thank you cards for your clients or artwork for the walls of your home or business, I’d love to draw it!

When I create an illustration, I often will start on paper as I scribble and sketch out some rough ideas. Those sketches are then scanned into either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator depending on the project and used as a guideline as I finish the illustration digitally on my graphics tablet. My graphics tablet allows me to create a digital illustration by drawing directly on the screen in the same way I would draw on paper.

My natural style is whimsical, colorful and cartoony and often is well suited for children. I love to create both sketchy, hand drawn pieces and clean vector drawings like the one I created of my desk above.


When you’re working on your own designs but you’re not a designer, there are often times when you get stuck and could use a little design or website advice to get you going again. I am available for phone and/or online chat consultations to help you work through any issues you run into and put you back on the right track.

Consults are available for English speakers in 20 minute increments between the hours of 8am and 2pm Atlantic time, Monday to Friday. Both phone and online consults are available for Canadian residents. We will schedule a time that works for you and I will call or message you at that time. For folks outside of Canada, you are welcome to call me for a phone consult if you have a great long distance plan but, online consults usually work best. I often use WhatsApp for online consults but am also available on Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger if one of those is easier for you.

If a consult isn’t enough to get you going again or you need more help, I am also available for quick fixes (small jobs that can be completed in 20 minutes or less) and can do the thing you’re stuck on for you.

Both consulting and quick fixes are offered at a flat rate of $25CAD per fix or 20 minute consult.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices you see on this page are current as of January 2021 and provided as an estimate only. Costs may have changed since the time of writing and are not guaranteed. Please check with me for the most up to date pricing.

Have questions?

Check out this article for answers to the questions I’m asked most frequently or just call me or send an email to ask.