Website Content Planner


Need a little help crafting the content (text and images) for your website? I’ve got you covered with this interactive PDF workbook.


Have you decided to build your own website but now writing the text for all of your pages has you feeling stuck? Writing content for your website is something that most people struggle with. Hiring a copywritter to help is probably the best route to take but sometimes hiring another professional just isn’t in the budget.

Based on what I’ve learned over the years while creating websites for clients, this workbook with help you plan your homepage copy and images as well as your about page, blog page and contact page. This interactive PDF workbook gives you access to the same tips and advice that I give to all of my web design clients and prompts you with ideas for each section of your website that you can type directly in the PDF to keep everything in one place.

With my content planner in your arsenal, you will be one step closer to having that website ready to launch!

IMPORTANT: To my current clients, this workbook is the exact same one I provided you with as part of your welcome package. There is no need to purchase this content planner because you already have it!


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