WordPress Care Plans

Protect your investment with a WordPress Care Plan.

WordPress, while awesome, isn’t a set it and forget it kinda thing. There is basic maintenance that absolutely NEEDS to be performed regularly in order to keep your site happy, healthy and making you money. Skip that maintenance and you’re putting your site as risk of being hacked or breaking and no longer working. The longer you skip out on maintenance, the more risk you take on.

My WordPress Care Plans aim to take the hassle and the risk out of maintaining your site. ALL of my Care Plans include backups and updates at their core. These two elements are the most important part of maintaining your WordPress website. If you do nothing else, make sure you regularly back up and update your website! While the Backups + Updates Plan is most important, My Essentials Care Plan and Total Care Plan add some other cool and useful services that you may be interested in so check them out as well. You can always bump up or down a level of care if you’d like at any time later on. Care Plans are billed one month at a time so you’re never locked in. You’ll find a breakdown of what each service available entails near the bottom of the page.

You’ve likely spent a lot of time and potentially quite a bit of money to create your website so make sure you protect that investment! Also, in case you were wondering, all of my WordPress Care Plans are available for all WordPress sites. So, whether I built it, you built it or another designer built it, I’ve got you covered.

NOTICE: Starting March 1, 2019, all new custom website design projects come with three months of my Essentials Care Plan absolutely free and clients who purchase a website template from my shop will receive three months of the Backup + Updates plan for free. There is no obligation to continue once those free months are up if you decide you don’t need it.

Backups +
Updates Plan


Per Month

Features :

Daily backups of your website.

Free site restore from backup files.

Weekly, safe, updates of your plugins, themes and WordPress itself.

Monthly progress reports.

Care Plan



Features: Everything in the Backups + Updates Plan PLUS:

Weekly Securi security and malware scans.

Weekly website performance testing.

Weekly comment management.

Google Analytics tracking.

Link monitoring.

Total Care



Features: Everything in the Essentials Care Plan PLUS:

24/7 uptime monitoring.

Two, 15 minute “Quick Fixes” to edit or address issues you may be having with your website.

All Care Plans are billed as a recurring monthly fee. The prices you see above are charged per month in Canadian dollars.

Features Breakdown

Click or tap each feature to learn more about them. You will find all of the features available for all WordPress Care Plans below, please refer to the chart above to see what is included in each level of care.

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Like to DIY things?

Hiring a professional to take care of your WordPress website can add peace of mind, help you improve your website’s performance, or just free up time for other things but you absolutely can update your website yourself if you’re willing to learn how! As luck would have it, I wrote a blog post to teach you how to update your website yourself. Go have a read if you’d rather handle things on your own. Just make sure you back up that site before you hit the update button!