Hi, I’m Zack, and this is my game. It is called “Germ Adventure”. I made this game for my grade one project. It was awesome to make! My Mom helped me with the really hard code but I made the characters on my tablet and designed the levels all by myself using free graphics from the internet. I wrote some code too!

In my game you are playing as the coronavirus and you have to avoid soap, medicine, hand sanitizer and the vaccine to save the germs. If you touch them, they will kill you and you will have to start the level over again. After you save the other germs, they will make you laugh when they bounce around all excited. One looks like a fish flopping on the ground. Stay on the congratulations screen for a minute to watch them!

Meet the Characters




Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Vaccine

How To Play

You will need to play on a computer because you need a keyboard! Use the arrows to move left and right. Use the spacebar to jump. Avoid the enemies and don’t fall in any holes! Have fun!

IMPORTANT: If the game controls don’t work, you may have to click on the game first! Also, if you don’t see the game below, you can play it at https://www.zack.krystalacker.com/ instead.